Meet Tweet-o-Meter

By sjg / Posted on 09 March 2011

My newest creation into crowd sourcing this week has launched, the Tweet-o-Meter! Tweet-o-Meter shows twitter traffic from different cities around the world and allows you to see which city tweets the most. We are mining the data for later analysis to and are currently in the process of mapping the data. It’s all very exciting.


On a technical note, Tweet-o-Meter relies heavily on jQuery and the GeoLocation Twitter API to track the different cities, and is running on 3 Dual Core iMac’s to process the data distributively, but more about that in a future blog post.

For now sit back and enjoy the Tweet-o-Meter

UPDATE: The media have picked up the story and we have been featured in:

Wired Blog :- Meet neISS and the Tweet-o-Meter
BBC Radio 5 Interview :- Pods and Blogs Radio Interview [MP3 File]
Engadget :- Analog Tweet-O-Meter shows city-specific Twitter activity the old fashioned way
CNN :- Featured on CNN International during the Japan Tsunami Crisis
Discovery Channel, Canada :- DISASTER IN JAPAN: DIGITAL RESOURCES – feature featuring interview





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